What Do You Have In You?

When it comes to choosing an academic or career option, do you know what you’re most
suitable for? Are you aware of your strengths and if they will help you excel, shine & grow in your
chosen option? At a more fundamental level, have you discovered already what your strengths
and weaknesses are? Or how you are at reading, note taking, time management, concentrating,
language skills, perceptual & problem-solving abilities? Or what personality and behavioural
traits make you unique?

Introducing Mindgraph. A set of online testing tools researched and developed by SOF,
Mindgraph analyses how closely a student’s abilities, strengths and interests match what it takes
to excel and shine in specific/specialised fields of study and careers. A variety of tests, ranging
from 30 mins to nearly 2 hours, for Middle- & Senior-school students, 10 years or older – help
determine not only areas they are strong in, but also their psychological and emotional profiles
to enable them to develop a positive and well-adjusted personality. Click here to learn more
about the tests.

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