What is SOFMindgraph?
SOF MindGraph is a new digital venture of Science Olympiad Foundation. It is a set of analytical and psychometric tests that students can use to determine what they’re made for. Such self-information equips them to make smarter decisions that have a higher chance of success.
How these tests are going to help me?
MindGraph test is a scientific method to check potential to achieve existing skills and assess interest & personality. It helps students in knowing their learning traits and suggest relevant changes for better learning behaviour for their future. With this test students will be able to identify their behavioural strengths and weaknesses. They will then be able to handle the stress and can cope with difficult situations. Mindgraph tests do not assess the academic aptitude, they are holistic assessment of one’s inner strength, tolerance, patience, behaviour, interests, study habits, learning techniques, educative intelligence, intellectual efficiency, personality adjustment, verbal, emotional and abstract abilities.
Which test is for me?
MindGraph test can be taken by any age group above 10 years. MindGraph tests are 5 level test series. 1. Study Habits Inventory : 10+ years of age group 2. Test of Studying & Learning Techniques: 11+ years of age group 3. Test of Educative Intelligence (Non-verbal) : 12+ years of age group 4. Test of Personality & Adjustment: 13+ years of age group 5. Test of Aptitude & Interests: 14+ years of age group
What is the ideal time to appear for the test?
SOF MindGraph gives opportunity to students to identify their true potential and enlighten them for better future. There is no time bound for students to take the test. Students can appear for the test any day any time of the year. However, we suggest to take these tests at the beginning of the academic year. It is important to take the test when you are relaxed and not under any anxiety so that you can work on your weaknesses and improve your results.
How do I take the test?
These are online tests. You just need to follow these simple steps: 1. Visit the website www.sofmindgraph.com 2. Click on “Test & Pricing” 3. Click on “Buy Now” tab 4. A pop up will appear and you have to click on “add to cart” 5. At the payment page you need to click on “proceed to checkout” 6. On the final page you need to fill your billing details and make payment. After the successful order placement, you can take the test.
Are these tests free or any fees is to be paid?
SOF MindGraph tests are especially designed keeping the mental behaviour of every age group in mind. Each test has questions focused on the learning pattern of an age group. These tests are not free. A nominal fee is to be paid online to take this test. Please see the test and pricing for fees details.
Can the test be taken anywhere?
Yes, these are Online Tests. You can take these tests on mobile phone, laptop, computer system, tablet, etc. anytime anywhere.
Should I need to take the test immediately after purchase?
No, there is no time bound to take the test. After purchasing the suitable test, students have the leverage to take it anytime in future.
How much do I need to score?
These tests are meant to analyse your skills and learning behaviour. Hence, Mindgraph scores are not good or bad. You do not PASS or FAIL a SOFMindGraph test. One personal attribute can be an advantage for one profession while disadvantage for other. Like “being tall” may be an advantage for a basketball player, but the same will disqualify you from joining the navy as a tall submarine crew member will keep hitting his head around in its cramped environment.
How do I prepare for these tests?
You must remember psychometric tests are not like general examinations. There are no right or wrong answers to most of the questions in these tests. So, if you want a correct analysis, mark the answer with a calm and honest mind. Attempt the complete test in one go without any pause.
How would I know my scores?
introduction of what the test aims to achieve. It, then, details out the results in an easy-to-understand and visually appealing format.
Individual and customised analysis includes interpretation of the scores and tips for improvement. Check out the sample reports at the links below:

Study Habits Inventory :
Studying & Learning Techniques :
Educative Intelligence (Non-Verbal) :
Personality & Adjustment : 
Aptitude & Interests :

Can I take all the tests at a time?
As we grow our learning pattern changes. To remain competitive among peers and to excel in the respective fields we need to be focused on correct learning style. MindGraph tests start with 10+ years of age group. It is advisable to take each level of test as we grow. This will make you aware of your aptitude so that you know where to land and which career option to choose after 10th.
Can the test be purchased and taken anywhere across the globe?
SOF MindGraph tests are online tests and hence can be purchased from www.sofmindgraph.com anywhere across the globe. Students of all countries can be benefitted with these tests. As they are both verbal and non-verbal it is important that for verbal test proficiency in english language is essential.