The Genesis

For over 2 decades now, SOF has been working tirelessly to help recognise and reward talented
students through the variety of Olympiads it conducts year after year, now in over 35 countries.
These Olympiads have helped countless students assess their strengths in multiple academic
domains such as Computer Science, English, Mathematics, General Science and more.
Developing and launching Mindgraph is a natural progression of SOF’s mission as it will help
students do a deep inward dive to find out where they stand vis-a-vis their dreams and future

Mindgraph is a set of analytical and psychometric tests that students can use to determine what
they’re made for. Such self-information equips them to make smarter decisions that have a
higher chance of success. Take ‘Aptitude’ for instance. It is not something you develop, you are
kind of born with it. A gifted musician or an athlete, a born scientist or an engineer, a natural
salesman or a politician – these phrases are all too familiar to us. These people fit naturally,
perfectly into their roles. Without much effort, they succeed in what they do by just being who
they are.

Designed by a team comprising experts who work closely with NIPCID, NCERT, seasoned
educationists and members of ICP USA, Mindgraph scores are not good or bad. You do not PASS
or FAIL a Mindgraph test. After all while being tall may be an advantage for a basketball player,
the same will disqualify you from joining the navy as a tall submarine crew member will keep
hitting his head around in its cramped environment.

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